Time Matters

When accidents occur there is no time to wait.    Fast ER Care in Midland, Texas offers emergency care with on-site diagnostics and testing.  If the physician who treats you at Fast ER Care orders x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound,  and laboratory services or other tests, you can have them done on site with results before you leave.

Always Open

The physicians and staff at Fast ER Care available 24/7 at the MMH West Campus for illnesses and emergencies.  Even if you have a more serious injury or a life-threatening condition — such as difficulty breathing, vomiting, chest pain, or a high fever, Fast ER Care is able to provide prompt, competent care.

Because We Are Local

After your visit to Fast ER Care, we will email or fax a full report to your primary care physician, should you need to contact your physician for follow up care.

Call 432-694-CARE(2273)